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FOUR STROKE are from ottawa and have a classic canadian punk rock sound à la D.O.A. & DAYGLO ABORTIONS.

THE MOTHERFUCKERS are from calgary and have a similar approach with a very 80’s punk/hardcore sound.


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SAVAGE CRIMES bring back to where it all started for them way back in march when they played their first show. they were young boys then and they’ve now grown into fierce young men who are worthy of their name.

they will be joined by PIRATE/ROCK who are a duo of toronto who have an infatuation with distortion. think jesus & mary chain distortion with an angular post-punk feel with some garage influence thrown in.  they come to RRPP with the recommendation of grady of HOLY COBRAS.


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GUNSMOKE‘s western canadian tour comes to it’s last stop at ROCK N’ ROLL PIZZA PARTY. they’ve played RRPP many times and it’s always a great time.

they will be playing with THE WALNUT KIDS who are an excellent band from montreal. they play insanely catchy punk rock. take one listen to the songs on their myspace page and you’ll be hooked. guaranteed to be your new favorite band.

there will be also be a guest dj set from THE GEMINI SIDE SHOW who are twin terrors that are celebrating their birthday that night.

should be an insanely great time.


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LET’S DANCE! is from edmonton and plays power pop/punk rock.

MOTHER’S CHILDREN is from ottawa and plays a cross between 60’s pop and 70’s power-pop. mike will also be doing a dj set as well.

august 7th: guest dj’s JOKERS OF THE SCENE

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JOKERS OF THE SCENE are DJ BOOTH and DJ CHAMELEONIC who are the two guys behind DISORGANIZED. they usually spin techno music but they’ve been dying to come to RRPP and play some rock music for a change. should be interesting to see what they pull out of their record bins for this one.

july 31st: guest dj HOT LOVE

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KENNY JAMES of MOTHER’S CHILDREN will be guest dj’ing this week under the guise of HOT LOVE which was his weekly night at brixton’s that got canned a couple of years ago. HOT LOVE has been resurfacing from time to time at the ROCK N’ ROLL PIZZA PARTY and we’re happy to having back again! get ready to dancebecause HOT LOVE knows how to kick out to the jams.


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SKIP JENSEN is from montreal and is an ex-member of DEMON’S CLAWS and SCAT RAG BOOSTERS and now plays as a one-man band..

with a paint-stick taped to one foot, a tambourine to the other and a harmonica and guitar slung around his neck he proceeded to bash out and record some of the most original sounding tunes to be heard in a dog’s age. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jesse Mae Hemphill, Doctor Ross and even Hasil Adkins the songs are a mish-mash of blues, punk, rockabilly, folk, bluegrass and rock n’ roll. Flat out wailin’ and stompin, riled up and volatile; these songs burn! A soul ripped out, soaked in gasoline then thrown on to barbeque to it’s right degree of burntness.

HOLY COBRAS have been heading more and more into noisy post-punk territory. just one listen to “he’s rubber i’m real” the new song they’ve put up shows them straying away from their original garage punk type of sound into something dark, noisy, minimal and repetitive with tons of swirling effects and electronics.